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Artworks created with various media, 3D-art and -prints, costume designs and realizations, as well as sculptures and leather crafts.

About the Artist and the Art

Learn more about the background of the artist and explore the meaning of the worlds of symbolism under the guise of fantasy art.

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Scientific Illustrations [3]

Cover Feature Illustration commission I did earlier this year for the publication of Studt-Reinhold et al. in ChemBioChem.


(painted with acrylics on 60×80 cm canvas)

A sea of stars, eyes of spirits,
fuel for dawn’s blade.
The monsters we slayed,
in ruins of what used to be,
turning skull to stone, blood to roses.

“My sword for you”, Kee’Asuriah growled,
mind castle’s patron saint
with a trinity of crows by her side.
“Reclaim the throne,
for this is just the beginning of your road.”


The monsters we slayed,
skull to stone, blood to rose.
“My sword for you”, Asura growled,
survivor’s patron saint with crimson crown.


No means no.
Savior, a favor to ask.
My sword for you.
Reclaim the throne.


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