The radioactive Hydra

(Re-Up from 2015)
Two days ago I decided to be less active on dA & social media, as it takes so much time and energy I am not willing to give anymore – instead I want to put more energy in my art. And with “my art” I’m not only refering to drawing. Since a while I wanted to start a second sculpture project, but I never had the time with all the dA/socialmedia-business and honestly I always felt such pressure on me, as I had the feeling that the web expects me to draw lots and lots of stuff.

That’s when I sketched this creature, which I simply call the “radioactive Hydra” – I guess she has been one of my Inner Demons for quite a while now.

And she represents exactly that pressure and expectations of others – those expectations created the Hydras’ heads and for a while the creature didn’t know anymore what originally was her head. But now, she found it again and that’s why I will be less active there. In the next days I’ll clean up my gallery there and only upload my favorite works now and then.

Well, I thought about leaving dA, but as I’ve meet some really awesome people there, I’ll stay~ at least for a while.

My website here will be the place where those who appreciate my art can still follow me.


  1. There is a typo in the last line.

    I’m still here 😉

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