Medieval-Festival at Amerang

Last Saturday (15.8.) I was at the medieval festival at Amerang.


I already visited it last year and had a great time there (I already bought the entrance ticket like halof a year ago~~), so I decided to go there again this year – and I’ll go there next year, because it is definitly one of the best medieval festivals!
(as this festival is in germany, I’ll write more about it in the german News-Blog~)

Also, I could wear my new self-made costume for the first time, yay! I really love it x3 – though I decided that I want to add some hat, maybe a tricorn or beret – not sure yet. Also I could buy another animal horn and some feathers there, to “upgrade” my costume. I hoped I could also find a nicer crossbow there (well, I have a crossbow, but it’s the “child-edition” of a crossbow~ so it doesn’t fit to the costume), but unfortunately not – they had many awesome bows, swords, etc. but no crossbow.

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