Test-Illustration finished: Cyriac

After some very exciting days (I’m currently moving to a town near Vienna, as I’m going to study Biotechnology there) I finally found some time to finish the test-illustration for my book series today evening. I’ve somehow lost my sense for time during drawing, as it felt like half an hour, but actually I drew five hours and it’s after midnight now ~~ 

This is Cyriac, one of the three main-charakters from the first book. It’s all drawn with ink on A4.
Most Illustrations of the books will be monochrome – only the important “key-chapters” will be coloured.

I have to admit that I had doubts that this A4-drawing will still look nice if I print it A5 (the books will most likely be A5-size), buuut it looks good! What makes me very happy.

I’ll try out some style-variations in the next days and decide then if this will be one of the two Illustration-Styles for my books.

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