“MyTruth”-Series Summary

I started this Series around the end of September 2014.
During our lives we see, we hear, we experience. Based on that we form opinions and our own, personal “subjective Truth”. Everybody has a different Truth and in my opinion there is no “absolute truth”.
These throughts were the foundation for this on-going series. Here are the works I’ve created so far:Most of them are just sketches, some got more attention from me and so they’re more detailed.

Please note, that this is/was just MY truth (at the moment of creation of the artworks). You don’t have to agree with me.

Also, I won’t explain them here. Just look at them and interpret them~


1. Truth “Humanity



-2. Truth “Religion


-3.Truth “Modern Society


-4. Truth “Humans and Nature


-5. Truth “It’s my life” // “No destiny” 


-6. Truth “The mind (can be your greatest ally or your worst enemy)

_mytruth_sketch_series__6___the_mind_by_farphyni-d8sh3l3 (1)

-7. Truth “(My Shadow is) a Part of Me


-8. Truth “End-Level” // “Suicide


-9. Truth “Price of Individuality” 


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