Some works for friends &others

Here are some small works I’ve drawn for friends or clients in the past days, weeks and months:

Suzi 2_2 Suzi-color_2_2

Those two were for Suzi, who drew my Charackter Raa’Deviah as Jedi (Star Wars).


This was my part of this years “Naturama”-project. Charackter belongs to Rrysva.
(A bunch of artists take commissions and donate the earned money to nature conservation organisations)



And now some ACEOs (artworks with the size of 6,4 cm × 8,9 cm)

aceo Rahjital_kleiner

This one is for the kind Rahjital who bought me a Premium Membership for deviantArt, two times!

aceo servia_kleiner

This is for Servia – it’s part of a Trade.

aceos leundra thalathis_kleiner

From left to right: Thalathis and Leundra. Both were Trades.

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