Craft WIP: Dragon-Eye Bracelet


  1. You could also take a real stone to do the eye, there is some that looks like eyes like the variety of chrysoberyl named “cat’s eye” or the agate (my favourite stone, it shows an infinity of forms and colours).
    Those stones would have the advantage of playing with light better than paint (but it ‘ll be harder to do, as you have to find the perfect one first).

    1. Author

      That’s the plan 🙂 – This bracelet is a prototype for a larger project. Before painting on real, beautiful stone I wanted to try painting on glass (the eye is made out of glass; I covered it with acrylics). – I put some varnish on the acrylics, but it’s (unfortunately) not very shiny// doesn’t play with the light.
      So for the actual project I’ll definitly take some real stones & I’ll use a different kind of acrylics. Though I don’t have any idea which kind of stones I could use- so many thanks for your suggestions! I just searched the agate stones with google picture & they’re really very beautiful *-* – I hope I’ll find some of those in the local gem-store.

      1. For the paint, are you using translucent acrylics? It should be perfect for this. If you don’t find in your usual brand, look at the brands for modeling, they’ll have it because its widely used for car’s rear light, indicators, etc. (for example in the Tamiya brand the references are X-23 clear blue, X-24 clear yellow, X-25 clear green, X-26 clear orange and X-27 clear red). I really love those translucent paints because you can do nice things by putting it over another color, for example clear orange/red/blue over silver leaf give an awesome metalized look.
        You could probably achieve the same goal by diluting a normal paint, but it’ll also probably be more complicated to do so.

        And you can do awesome objects with agate, like that (I want cups like this for my home x) )

        1. Author

          Yeah, I used transculent acrylics – and that was the problem, because so it couldn’t cover up the glass completely and, well, it didn’t look that good (depeding on the light).
          Today I covered it with some more colour (non-transculent acrylics), then added some details with the transculent acrylics and it looks way better now. Also, I’m going to cover it with some new, very shiny varnish – so it’ll hopefully look more like an real eye.
          I’ve never heard of the Tamiya brand before! Thanks for suggesting.

          woah, that’s an awesome cup *-* Want one too!!

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