FanArt: Assassins Creed


  1. I like the old AC but I haven’t even look at the new one. It’s less the games itself than the way it’s now distributed that repulse me: they’re never correctly finished when they released it, it’s full of bug and poorly optimized. Moreover you’re forced to use the Ubisoft uplay platform, and there is as much bug in it as in their games.

    1. Author

      With the “new one” are you refering to Syndicate? (if I remember correct you were playing Unity, right?) – unfortunately you’re right. There shouldn’t be any bugs anymore when they release a new game. But there are some – though I consider myself lucky, as I only came a acroos two real bugs when playing Unity. But AC3 was partly quite a bloodbath – though I loved the landscapes they built there.
      Back to Syndiacte: I haven’t bought it and also won’t in the future. I’m tired of cities-only-maps. I hope the next AC will be something different.

      1. To be exact I have begin to play Unity, but at the half of the game I got a blocking bug. They’ve corrected it later, but it’s not save compatible, so I would have to redo all.
        So no Syndicate for me, neither the small other ones they’ve released in between.
        Even no more newly released game at all, now I’ll wait at least one year before buying a game. Buying in the first weeks is giving them a reason to continue to released half-finished games.

        1. Author

          oh damn, now that’s really annoying. Phew, I’m glad I started to play some months after the release ^^”

          Yeah, true words. + if you wait some months after the release, the game not only has less bugs, but is cheaper too 😀

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