Sea-Of-Ink: Abire’Kreevan


->>Size: A5
->>Materials: ink and ballpoint pens

Tempora mutantur, nos et mutamur in illis.

Actually, this once was a quick sketch. But then …it escaleted “a bit”~~ I just had so much fun and couldn’t stop.
This is a very important work for me. I should have drawn it already some months ago, as it represents a new stage of life – after a symbolic death, after the needles of the watch that doesn’t show the time but “importances” were spinning again.



  1. A bit escalated yeah x)
    I like the iridescent effect of the eye =)
    Does the numbers on skulls represent the ages of previous stages?
    Knowing you I suppose that the symbols on the watch aren’t random at all but I don’t get it.

    1. Author

      a bit 😀 xD
      Thanks! I’m glad you like that!
      Nope, but you’re very close: the numbers refer to year dates. (because when I’m asked how old I am, I always calculate it again – based on my birth-year; I somehow have a hard time remembering my age – and that’s why I also used year dates and not my age :”’D ). So XV means 15 -> 2015. Not 15 years.
      Yeah, the symbols on the watch have their meanings – I guess only I know what they mean (and that’s also intended that way :’D)

      1. I don’t remind how old I am neither, but I suppose that in my case it’s because I’m getting too old, so it’s probably better to forget x)
        Ah no, it’s not fun when you place some symbolic than only you can understand, it give me so much frustration x)

        1. Author

          haha xDD
          Sorry for frustrating you 😛

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