Sketch: Hoping for Snow

As I’m currently really missing snow (a winter without lots of snow is no winter) and wanted to sketch something with Photoshop again I decided to draw a snow-breathing cloud-dragon~
Took about 15min. snowsnowsnow, where is my snow?



  1. Even in Trondheim there isn’t a lot of snow, though it’s beyond the Arctic circle. It’s damn annoying.
    We need more ice dragons in our army!

    1. Author

      Oh noes! I miss the snow q.q
      I remember when I was a little child we used to have tons of snow every winter. Enough to build snow-hills in front of the house and go sledding there…
      Yeah! Absolutely! I’ll make the magical baking powder magic ready – you bring the epic wooden spoon of epicness. XD

      1. When I was child we also used to have a lot of snow. We build castle of it, and then besieged it with snowballs, but I haven’t seen so much snow for more than a decade now…

        1. Author

          Same here! Was an awesome childhood :)

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