->>Size: A4
->>Materials: pencils, graphit powder, ballpoint pen, goldleaf

Finding balance is an important step toward learning who we truly are. For me, this sphinx -nicknamed Libra (for obvious reason)- represents my balance between my Alter Egos Raa’Deviah (Essence of my Facets/Aspects) and Kee’Asuriah (Queen of my Inner Demons). Beside Devi and Asu she’s the third of my Alter Egos.


  1. You said several times that Raa’Deviah is the fusion of all Alter Egos, so how can she to be an Alter Ego herself? I mean, as Kee’Asuriah is herself an AE, she’s supposed to be encompassed in Raa’Deviah and, consequently, she couldn’t be put in balance with her.

    So I suppose there is different levels of AE, as it’s already visible with Causa and Incussus, who regroup themselves different AE. I’m not very sure of the organization, but I suppose the following structure, from base to top:
    1. a: interest) Farphyni, Gawynderethéa, Erroth’Xero | b: character) Nwyvre, Chichiro’chiyo/Furia
    2. Causa (regrouping 1b), Incussus (regrouping 1a.)
    3. Raa’Deviah (regrouping 2.), Kee’Asuriah
    4. Libra

    I put Libra on the top, because she has to judge between Devi and Asu, so she’s necessarily above them.

    1. Author

      Well, yeah. First and foremost: You know people change, I change, so do the Alter Egos. Meaning they can mean something different today than a year ago or so. Same counts for Inner Demons. (though the demons can even die, while Alter Egos can’t – they can only change)

      Now, there are only three “true” Alter Egos: Raa’Deviah, Kee’Asuriah and Libra.
      The first two are Shapeshifters.
      Raa’Deviah (aspects/layers of myself) can turn into Causa and Incussus. Incussus can turn into Farphyni, Gawynderethéa or Erroth’Xero. Causa can turn into Nywvre, Chichiro’chiyo/Furia or Gawynderethéa. (Gwyn is related to both, Causa and Incussus; that’s new)
      Kee’Asuriah (Queen of my Inner Demons) can turn into the three Demon Lords: Sheireen(Phantom/Bloodwitch), Ishka or Amon. And each of them can turn into several other lower demons.
      The Demon Lords are on the same level as Causa and Incussus.

      Farphyni and the others are aspects of my Alter Egos. The true Alter Egos are Asu, Devi and Libra. Libra stands between Asu and Devi and keeps the balance. The three are pretty much on the same level, but Libra is different from Asu and Devi in some way. Also, Asu is, of course, an Inner Demon (the most powerful) in the position of an Alter Ego (meaning: even though she’s a demon, she can’t die).

      But above Asu, Devi and Libra is another level: Void.
      Void has no real definition. No shape. Void is all of them -the essence. Void is the system. Void is the soul.

      I hope this explains it a bit. In fact it’s quite complex and very hard to explain to someone else (well, except for my best friend – she’s also working with Alter Egos x) ) and may sound quite weird/mad if not familiar with this stuff.

      Also, what needs to be said: All the “creatures” below Void (Asu, Devi, Libra, Farphyni, Amon, etc.) do not exist. Only what they represent really exist, but I give these existing things names and shapes based on symbolism in order to work with it.
      Hope it sounds less mad now. x)

      1. I don’t see where it’s especially complex, I’m not that stupid you know x)
        And I’ve studied enough modern art to never find any more anything weird x)

        1. Author

          One day I need to show you the whole system – not only the simplified one x) But that’s something I need to show/explain in person. Sometimes I don’t understand this system myself^^
          ah, yeah, right xDDD I’m glad about that!

  2. Naah that’s not fair, I’ll already dying to see you, if you add things like this I’ll not survive x)

    1. Author

      eheheheee, you know, I’m a true evil mastermind, MUHAHAHA XDDD

      1. Well it’s easy with me, you know that the worst thing for me is not knowing something x)

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