Nightly Demons


  1. Does the rune in the Hound is used only for the sense of man or is it deeper?
    The Maskreator is really freaking btw, I mean really really x)

    1. Author

      The rune on the Hounds forehead has several meanings to me. First it refers to the path to the otherworld and the “earth-sky-connection” (that’s also why the Hound is a sort of Ghost-Dog). Next -do you see the tracks the Hound is following? Those are supposed to be from a deer (=deer usually appear in groups)- it means to stop following tracks and standing his own ground, even though he’s afraid (no eyes -> can’t see what future holds for him), so he needs to develope more self-consciousness and also authority, to start his own pack, to find his own place.

      haha, thanks XD, isn’t he absolutely cute too x3 ? I really wanna hug him x’)

      1. Not sure you’ve chosen the right rune here, some other, or even a bindrune, would have in my opinion expressed better what you mean.

        Does this one will eat you if you hug him? x)

        1. Author

          Well, when looking through my Rune-book I’ve thought this one fits quite ok – but maybe there would have even been a better one x) Using a bindrune would have been a great idea – didn’t thought about that~ (I’ll keep it in mind now c: )

          No, not this one, there’s a high chance he’ll hug back. x)

  2. Well, depends of the rune book you have, some of them are pretty bad (and it’s often the easier to find). If needed I can help you with runes, I’m not the best one about runes magic but I know the people who are 😉

    I’m not sure I would feel very comfortable if this guy did hug me x)

    1. Author

      Cool, thanks! Yeah, next time when I’m not sure about it, I’ll log into skype, leave my demonic-submarine-mode and ask you ;D
      You have some useful friends there x)

      naaah, why not? It’s not like he’s drooling, stinky or spiky xD

      1. Not spiky? What about the gigantic blade-shaped legs? XD

        1. Author

          pah, put some fabric around them and you’ll be fine xP

  3. Swords cut through fabric actually, so I don’t think at all it’ll be fine x)
    I suppose a suit of armour is the minimum if you want to survive a hug with it.

    1. Author

      Yeah, if you wind up and then quickly move the sword against the tauted fabric.
      If you just wind the fabric around the blade (several layers of fabrics), then you can surely hug the Maskcreater at least shortly c:
      Though an armour wouldn’t be bad if you want to be extra sure you don’t get cut into pieces x)

  4. Yep but there is not only the sharpened blade, you have to mind the pointy end as well ;p

    1. Author

      He’s not going to stab you when hugging x)

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