The Inner World

Causa - The Inner World_kleiner1

->>Materials: Acrylics, Copics, Tempera, Ballpoint Pen, Coloured Pencils, Goldleaf
->>Size: ~A2 (42cm x 56cm)
->>Finished: 29.04.2016
->>Time: about 60 hours

I worked on this the last four weeks – each day about 2-3 hours. The huge size was unfamiliar first, but soon I loved it. I really like how it turned out in the end…and yet I’m a little bit disappointed that you can’t see this works true beauty – which is probably only visible when you see the original in real. It feels like the eyes are staring right through you – the goldleaf makes a great effect there.

The character is Causa, aka Ceru’ir’Kewa, who represents the Inner World as Alter Ego Aspect. Her “counterpart” is Incussus, the Outer World.
This is highly personal piece – and I won’t go into details with explaining it. Here’s some sort of poem I wrote for it:

“The Inner World”

I see. Now I see.
Echos in the Mirror
a whole Universe within.
Hidden behind blue eyes.

I see. Now I see.
Beyond the known Worlds,
a blending of images,
reassembling the norm.

I see. Now I see,
while travelling thru the universe,
looking though layers of existence.
Astonished by endless colours,
changing at will.

I see. Now I see.
I’m alive, I’m alive.
A whole universe lies inside.
Visions of Beyond,
enhancing the Episteme.

Seeing the Unseen,
with a mind, unlimited.


  1. It must look awesome, maybe showing a pic of it on the wall will gave a better impression (I mean if you see it in its environment it gives a scale and can help to appreciate more the size and else).

    1. Author

      Yeah, that’s a good plan. Though I have to wait until the end of may to make those photos, as the artwork is currently with the framebuilder who I commissioned to make a special frame for this artwork x3 (as the paper-size isn’t completely A2 I couldn’t find a fitting frame q.q)
      When making those photos I’ll also do that with other artworks in frames. Could look nice – especially with the ones containing goldleaf c:

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