Amons Legacy


Real monsters don’t hide under your bed. They’re inside your head.

(escalated sketch; ballpoint pen and PS on A4; about 4-5 hours)

This cute guy is the child of Amon, one of the Inner Demons-Lords. I knew Amon has a child for quite a while, but I never managed to capture it on paper until now. I call it Hrrkhan – what means the opposite of “trust in life/luck”//”hope/trust that everything will turn out fine”.
This creature collects eyes, because it has no eyes itself. It infects the eyes of the victim with a special poison (breath), then the eyes start to absorb the energy of the victim and soon glow – when they glow, the harvest can begin & the demon steals the eyes and kills the victim. Sometimes it also keeps the skulls/bones as a trophy. Now and then it also steals limbs/features of the victim to upgrade the body of itself (the tentacle-bones on its back are actually spines that it stole from other creatures; also the second pair of legs and arms).

There are two other versions of the sketch:

-Bright Version: (ballpoint pen only)


-Dark Version:



  1. Ok this one is really really creepy…I suppose he’ll kill me if I try to hug him? x)
    This thing he does with the eyes is awesome, but I wonder somewhat what he does with all those eyeballs, is it a pure collection or have they a purpose, like a money or some kind of very nice liht bulb? (well of course I could use them to see himself, but I find other hypothesis more attractive x))

    The way he upgrade himself reminds me somewhat some fields of biotechnology, like bionics, biomechatronics or synthetic biology. It’s interesting for me, as I’m currently in a deep reflection about transhumanism, it’s both fascinating and frightening, and I can’t determine if I’m for or against it.

    My favourite version is the third I think, the colours give more contrast and help focusing the attention on the important parts.

    1. Author

      Yep, this one will definitely rip you into pieces xD
      Why the eye-collection? First he wanted to use them as his own eyes (he can see through all those eyes), but when he had enough eyes, he started to collect them simply to have more and more, even if they’re actually not needed.

      Oh, didn’t thought about that. Nice analogy!
      Haven’t had to do with transhumanism much before, but it sure sounds quite fascinating. and yeah, a bit scary too^^

      Thanks for your opinion c:

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