Dark Horses


(PS and Ink+Water Sketch on A4; 3-4 hours)

Born for the blue skies -We’ll survive the rain
Born for the sunrise – We’ll survive the pain

Hey, you can’t count us out -We’ve been running up against the crowd

Yeah, we are the dark horses – We know we’ll find a way
Wait! It’s not over now -We’ve been down but we’ve never been out
Yeah, we are the dark horses – Don’t care what they say

We found the way out – The city takes everything it can
But outside the crowds -I can feel my lungs again

Keep running with the dark horses
Stand up with the dark horses
Hope makes the blood change courses


Ink-Only Version:



  1. In this one as well I prefer the coloured version, for the same reasons that in the other one.

    I’ve a strong impression of déjà-vu, it reminds me some ancient painting and engraving, but I’m not sure of which ones. Maybe the Lo Stregozzo was one of it, but I think there was one closer, can’t remind it, maybe it was some representation of the Helhest.

    Some parts of the text look weird to me though: the black horse are countless, but at the same time against the crowd? If they’re so many, aren’t they a different crowd of their own? I put that in relation with something I notice: in some cases, there is so much people who try to be nonconformist that the nonconformist position become finally very conformist.
    An example could be the “geek culture”: back in the past, being considered as (and claiming to be) a geek put you outside the society, but today geekness is a fashion, everybody is claiming to be a geek: it’s then totally casual and conformist to do so.
    Another, more culture related, example: the black colour in clothes: today everybody wears black clothes, it’s very conformist and unoriginal, but back in the 70′ it was a strongly non conformist colour, if you look to the social groups who wore black a this time: anarchists, bikers, fascists (police as well, but that’s another function of the black colour ;p )
    And I’m way off topic agaaaain x)

    1. Author

      Yeah, me too!

      Don’t laugh now, but when drawing it, I had to think about the kid-movie “Spirit- The wild Mustang”, when he and his herd were running through the landscape X”D
      I just searched Helhest on google. Forget unicorns, I want a Helhest instead! Much more badass~

      Oh, you sure have an interesting view on this (as always actually xD That’s why I’m always looking so forward to your comments xP )
      I, of course, agree with you here. But not all Dark Horse groups become conformists, and even if they become conformists one day, they were nonconformists before – they had this feeling of not belonging to the “main crowd” that dictates what’s right and what’s wrong.
      Actually, talking about geeks, I found the developement from “uncool” to “cool” quite interesting. Especially as it happened so fast (at least it felt that way to me) and it made me wonder how that happened (of course I liked that developement) – were there emerging more and more geeks and that’s why society had to finally accept them? Makes me wonder if a single person has power to change something or if it does need a larger group (of course the first step to a larger group needs to be made by a single person, but I think you get what I mean).

      Though this work can be interpreted in a broad way, it is actually related to me and my weirdo friends X’D When talking with one of them about this topic a while ago I had the idea for this work and sketched it into my sketchbook. Some time later, when listening to the song from Switchfoot I remembered the idea and finally drew it.
      I actually have several follow-up works/sketches in mind, each one featuring a specific friend of mine, showing what makes them special (“stand out of the crowd”) in my opinion.
      Not sure if I’m going to realise that, but the idea is scurrying around in my mind~

      1. I not only want a Helhest as horse, but a house like the Sedlec ossuary and the Evora’s bones’ chapel as well x)

        It’s because I’m awesome you know =þ

        In fact, geeks, the ones of the old times, haven’t been accepted by society, it’s the meaning of the word that has changed. Consequently the group of geek hasn’t today the same composition as in the past.
        For example I often hear or read people saying “omg I spent all the day on Facebook, I’m such a geek lol” (I spare you the grammar faults ;p): if you take the ancient meaning of the geek (based on how the group was back in the past) they’re not geek at all. But today, by confusion with the concepts of nerd, gamer or no-life, nearly everybody who own some technological object call himself a geek (even if he has no idea how this object is working), because they want to appear intelligent (while it’s usually the contrary…).

        The only difference for people acting like geeks of the ancient times is that their knowledge is a bit more recognized today, but they’re not socially accepted (someone acting like that will still be bullied and insulted at school, the so-called “cool” people will still make fun of them (though those cool idiots call themselves geek, because it’s fashion, even if they’ve not a fucking idea of what it does mean).

        The geek fashion will fade, like all fashion, when the so-called “cool” people will find something else to try to appear interesting. Only the people acting like the geek of the ancient times will stay, because they actually don’t care of fashion or other people’s opinion.

        That’s project sounds nice, though it will be probably more interesting for the concerned friends than for you ;p
        Btw, even if it depends probably of the friend, it could be not that easy for you, because I suppose that in most of the cases you don’t see their persona as a whole, but just the part they show to you.

        1. Author

          Oh yes! That’d be awesome~
          Or I want to live in Hogwarts x3

          I know, I know xP

          True words. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
          Sounds like you’ve thought about that pretty much, no?

          Absolutely. I think that would make that project a nice experience – also trying to see those friends from an different angle, but yet knowing that there’ll be always more than meets the eye.
          Though I guess there’s one friend I probably know nearly completely (or at least extremly good) – and vice versa – as we’re working on the whole AE system together. And that’s like revealing all your “dark secrets” and aspects of yourself. Pretty much like removing all clothes XD

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