Echoes in the Mirror (1)

There comes a time, when light changes direction and enlightens another side from something. And you come to realize, there’s more to the specific something than originally thought – and the shadow changed. So you hold other things into the new light, experiencing it’s the same with them. Then you turn that something a little and see another new side. Turn again a bit. And again. Dozens of new sides, new aspects of the same thing. Different shadows. And each new aspect little, but significant.
And when looking in the Mirror next time, you see more than before – like there is an Echo now.


Welcome to my new little sketch-series “Echoes in the Mirror”.
A while ago I began this series of fast, a-few-minutes-sketches before going to sleep. Today I looked through them again and decided to continue work on them with Photoshop, trying to capture the specific feelings/moods better.
Each of them took about 10-30 minutes in total.

(even though the PS-Versions show the mood better, I also like the plain sketches themselves)
Ceru_kleiner Ceru_scan_kleiner

Incu_kleiner Incu_scan_kleiner

More to come.


  1. I feel I will have an hard time to understand those ones x)

    First thing that comes in my mind is that it shows different ways for someone to kill himself, but not sure that was the point x)

    I wonder as well what holds the creature in the first drawing?

    1. Author

      Makes it even more interesting for me to read what you see in the sketches 8D

      oh my gosh XD
      I guarantee you the works have nothing to do with suicide!
      I’ve already told you about my Alter Egos, right? You remember Raa’Deviah? She’s the total sum of the Alter Ego Aspects (AE-As), my “pure me”, uneffected. The AE-As shadows are the Inner Demons (ID) [their total sum is Kee’Asuriah; another one of the Alter Egos], which appear when the AE-As get in touch with…well, life basically xD. Actually the combination of ID and AE-As completes the creature. Together they gain a broader meaning. Like the two sides of a medal, like a rune. Positive and also “negative” things.
      But depending on the light, the shadows change, creating a huge number of different aspects of the IDs -though it’s still the same shadow.
      Echoes in the Mirror refers to the “get in touch”/”combination” of AE-As and ID.

      The first one of the works, for example, is Causa and her ID in combination.
      The second one is Incussus + ID. I’m gonna explain the one with Causa a little more detailed for you 😉 :
      Do you know the meaning of Causa? She’s the Inner World, she holds the power, strength, energy and more. The work refers especially to the power/strength/energy aspect. You know, we need strength to get from day to day, to get your stuff done, to create something, etc. But this power can also be used for negative things, for destructive purpose. So the creature here has the possibility to free the person from the gallows or to let the person die. The butterfly on her hand refers to the following effect: though she has no connection to the person, this decision can effect her in some way in the future.

      Is the meaning now clearer?

      Ropes 😉

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