[sketch] Mind-War


  1. What definition give you to mind here? Could be the imagination, or be taken in a general meaning (like open-minded vs narrow minded), or in a more shamanic meaning.

    1. Author

      When drawing it I had a meaning like “trapped in the own labyrinth of thoughts” in mind. Like, you know, for example when you want to do something, but -without even trying- you think about what all could go wrong and so maybe don’t even try to do it. Like when you “over-think” something, and just think, instead of acting.
      (The Pit-Hydra is related to Amon the Whisperer, btw.)

      I like your interpretation-ideas c:

      1. Oh yeah I know what you mean, it happens to me quite often (if you want me to do something difficult, don’t let me time to think about it XD)

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