Song of Blood

Lied des Blutes_kleiner
(Acrylics, Pencils, Copics and Ballpoint Pen on A2; only about 25hours )

The second Giant revealed his name: Arkhim’ehr’Kami, the Song of the Blood. While Ceru’ir’Kewa lurks inside (Inner World), Arkhim’ehr’Kami wanders outside (Outer World). Both are connected to each other through the Rift.
Empowered by Ceru’ir’Kewa he creates (see that he has no shadow, but grass underneath him? Where-ever he goes, he leaves a trail of plants behind).
The three-headed Giant has no organs, but is filled with Magma (from Ceru; the Inner World). He, who looks forward and admits the past, for he can act in the now.

Tried to photograph the artwork, but still, the real one looks so much better.
Going to buy a nice frame the next days, so it can throne on my wall next to the InnerWorld-Artwork.

Onwards to the third and last Giant.


  1. Those three artworks will make a very nice triptych =)
    I think it’s finally a good point that the lava flows in the white of the paper, like outside the picture; added with the tails going also off the white frame, it goes well with the idea of the outside where he’s wandering (outside world/outside frame).

    The name are getting more and more complicated at each new character you introduce =p.
    It’s an interesting name however, added to the desolate landscape and the terrific look of the character itself, it gave me some idea of interpretation: the creation is always closely linked to destruction, life to death, so it’s from this landscape of desolation that emerge life. It’s probably not what you wanted to mean, but it’s what came in my mind when looking at it.
    Btw I don’t understand the part of the description where you speak about the fact he looks forward (weren’t you still a bit tired when you wrote it? =p)

    Sure the real one is better, I’ve particularly appreciated the texture of the sky and the aspect of the lava. I regret a bit that I haven’t spent more time watching your artworks and discussing about it when I had the occasion to see them in real.

    1. Author

      ah yes, they do c:
      I’m glad you like that!

      hahaha, yeah, true x)
      You nailed that perfectly there! The Creation/Destruction is part of the artworks meaning.
      “looking foward” -> looking in front of him; what lays ahead; future.
      He cobimes his knowledge about Past and Future to make decisions in the Now. Not sure if that’s a good explanation xD

      We can do that next time we meet ;D

      1. Ich denke, dass es das erste mal ist, ich dein Gemälde perfeckt verstehe x)
        Ah ok, die Formulierung in die Beschreibung ist ein bisschen neugierig.

        Ich hoffe, dass es bald wird 😉

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