KeeAsuriah - Daimonion_kleiner(Ink, Pencils, Watercolor and Tempera on A3; about 10h)

Finally an artwork featuring Kee’Asuriah, the third Alter Ego beside Raa’Deviah and Yuu’Serah.
She is the Queen of the Inner Demons.

Daimonion Details

What am I supposed to do
If I want to talk about peace and understanding
But you only understand the language of the sword
What if I want to make you understand that the path you chose leads to downfall
But you only understand the language of the sword

I let the blade do the talking…
So my tongue shall become iron
And my words the mighty roar of war
Revealing my divine anger´s arrow shall strike

All action for the good of all
I see my reflection in your eyes
But my new age has just begun

The sword is soft
In the fire of the furnace
It hungers to be hit
And wants to have a hundred sisters
In the coldest state of their existence
They may dance the maddest
In the morass of the red rain

Beloved sister enemy
I sing my sword song for you
The lullaby of obliteration
So I can wake up with a smile
And bliss in my heart

Coexistence, Conflict, combat
Devastation, regeneration, transformation
That is the best I can do for you


  1. it’s the first time you speak about Yuu’Serah, it’s Libra?
    I suppose the “Beloved sister ennemy” in the poem refer to Raa’Deviah (since she’s her shadow)?
    I’m not sure yet of the meaning of the differents parts, like the eyes or the butterfly, At first I thought it represented lower demons (like Hrrkhan for the eyes) but I’m not sure of this lecture.

    1. Author

      Yeah, Libra = Yuu’Serah. Libra is just a nickname.
      And yes, the “beloved sister enemy” is Raa’Deviah c:
      The eyes are watching the Aspects of Raa’Deviah (Farphyni, Arkhim’ehr’Kami and all the others). The lower demons are represented by the red-orange stones in her tail.

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