[ANCEPS]: Progress 1

Preparing for a large work about the Refuge of the Mind. Sketching two of the characters that’ll be featured: Muirgheal and Ashar’Saoirse.

As this work will be quite large, I’ll post several WIPs in the future, presenting you the progress and explaining a bit of the background. I have absolutely no idea how long it will take – especially as it’s not the only thing I’m working on. But we’ll see!
Stay tuned.

“Blind-smoke Territory” with Ashar’Saoirse.

… and yet you’re smiling bright, high above, completely blind to life.


“Silver-mind Forest” with Muirgheal.

…within an endless sea – where will it be?



    1. Author

      Sort of, yes. They haven’t had a name & face so far. They’re sort of sub-aspects of the three high demons.
      Ashar and Muir are both lower demons, but with a specific place in the AE-System, which has experienced a major change after/during the “Animus, Anima”-work.

        1. Author

          Of course xD it’s constantly evolving! 8D

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