Otherworld Sketches [10]

(quick A4 pencil and graphite sketch)

When we can’t have what we long for, then – sometimes – we have to believe.


Concept art for a species belonging to my headworlds and stories.

This creature is a Terrorwing. Even though it is wondered how those mutated monsters are able to fly with their abnormal wings and why they’re able to summon storms, it is said, that the Terrorwings’ actual power is the unlimited dominion over the(ir) belief. As long as they believe that they can fly and summon storms they’re also able to do those mentioned things. And that’s where the other species of the planet tremble in fear … because if the Terrorwings one day decide to take over the world and rule over the other species … they’ll be able to do so.

Terrorwings are an old race of mutated birds who are as large as an adult horse and eat mostly meat. As already mentioned, they’re able to summon storms with a screech.
They love a good, exciting hunt – especially during a thunderstorm. Usually they hunt once a week with the whole, assembled swarm. Together they all hunt their prey, which is usually one huge animal (about the size of a grown-up elephant or larger to get them all replete).
They’re not able to fly for a long time or really fast, but they are very agile and clever. Also, they like to eat their meat grilled by lightning 😉


  1. Remind me you somewhat…
    Not for the look =p but for the ability to realize what they believe in, that’s close to you, who realize what you want to realize.

    Not sure that the meat grilled by lightning is very good however, probably burned on entry and exit point and not equally cooked inside x).

    1. Author

      xD well, good thing you don’t think I look like a mutated bird ;P
      Thinking about it, I guess you have a point^^ it’s funny, as I didn’t see the similarity between them and me, haha

      Crunchy outside and soft & bloody inside, that’s how they like their meat x)

      1. Well, both you and them are beautiful, just not in the same way (but it’s true you’re especially beautiful ;p)
        By the waaaay….ok you’re not a mutated bird, but aren’t you a mutated human? I mean (maybe I’m wrong, you’re the specialist of that stuff here x)) isn’t it possible that you’ve some mutated cells, hence you’d be a mutated human. Maybe we have all a part of mutant in us.
        And if not…well…maybe we should…x)

        1. Author

          Yes, I guess I am. For example: I have blue eyes. All blue-eyed people have a common ancestor who has a mutation that affected the OCA2 gene. Originally humans had brown eyes and that mutation caused blue eyes. Also hair color, freckles, baldness, etc is caused by mutations.

  2. Oh yes, we definitively need more mutations like that, can you work on that? x)
    I was thinking, if you take it to its logical conclusion, we’re entirely the product of mutation, otherwise we’d still be bacteria x)

    1. Author

      Of course! I’ll get back to my lab right away!
      Of mutations, natural selection and evolution 🙂

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