The Seeker

(acrylics on A3)

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
-C.G. Jung

It truly is fascinating how inspiration can hit you anywhere, anytime. So, a few nights ago I suddenly had the urge to start with a painting. I barely had a concept in mind, just a vague idea/emotion, which was haunting my mind like a powerful song. And so I sat down and just started painting through the night and during the process it revealed its meaning. (This work belongs to the Refuge of the Mind.)
And when I was finished, I realized: The Seeker is not alone. (more to come…)

Here are some WIP-Shots that beautifully show how the artwork appears in the light:


  1. I wonder if each of the three painting of the series refers to one particular being of mind, but beside the Secretive that could be Kee’Asuriah I’m not sure it could work. The problem is that I’ve only few informations on the “new” AEs, I think my intel about them is rather outdated.

    On this very work, I suppose the bats becoming a butterfly represents the unconscious becoming conscious? So the Seeker “filtrate” somewhat the unconscious to produce conscious thoughts of the unconscious?

    Besides, I really love the tones you’ve used in this series, the grey/black with gold is just a perfect combination, especially with the way you use gold, like powder, that’s very nice to the eyes.

    1. Author

      Nope, it doesn’t. But, fun fact, afterwards I sort of saw aspects of the AEs in them – Farphyni in The Seer, Gawynderethéa in the Seeker and Erroth’Xero & Kee’Asuriah in the Secretive. This connection was not intended, but it is there. (Though not really important for the original meaning of the paintings).
      Yeah, A LOT has changed with the AE-System and everything. You may have noticed that I don’t ‘directly’ paint them anymore. They’re part of my works very subtle now.

      Indeed, The unconscious bats turn into conscious butterflies. Not ‘filtrate’, but ‘makes visible’. The Seekes becomes aware of the ‘unknown’/unconscious.

      Thanks a lot 😀 I also really love those works! The golden powder was a spontaneous idea and during work I feared that it might not work out and I’ll ruin the works, but I took the risk anyway and am very happy with the outcome now. It looks sooo epic in real. Especially The Seer.

      1. I feel that the AE system is getting more and more complicated, and especially that it gets more complicated every time I manage to understand a part of it. It’s like when you climb a mountain, after climbing a huge slope you finally get on the top and look at the path you’ve done with triumph. Then you turn back and see right in front of you an even more gigantic, never-ending slope XD

        I said filtrate, because there is a lot of bats and only one butterfly, like if some were eliminated in the process. But it could be also that a conscious thought is formed from several unconscious ones. Or it could be just a visual effect x)

        I want to see them in reaaaal T.T

        1. Author

          So you kinda feel like Sisyphus? x) poor you, but yes, must be hard to understand for you. For me it makes more and more sense with every developement^^

          ah, I see. The reason why there is only one butterfly is simply for compositional effect: If there would be too many bright butterflies then the attention of the viewer would be directed in a way I don’t like^^ (I hope it’s understandable what I mean by that)

  2. Totally, and that’s not the only curse you’ve thrown on me x)
    Good thing that makes more sense for you, at least there is at least one person who understand it x)

    Yeah I understand, it’s just that with you I tend to search symbolism in everything, even when there isn’t XD

    1. Author

      I thought it may be a nice idea to – one day – make an artbook out of this. Artworks connected through texts, poems and a few words of explanation of this journey. I love the idea, but don’t think that yet is the right time and also don’t believe that there are a lot of people interested in that kind of thing XD but still I like the idea, so maybe – one day – I make one for myself (and one for you and some for 2-3 friends, of course ;D). I’ll see…

      haha, I know. That’s why I always like to hear your thoughts on my works 😉 As you may see things I didn’t. (Like you did at “Highest Sky”)

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