The Secretive

(acrylics on A3)

Mirrors are lying.

You don’t know a person
until you have seen their darkness.

(This work is inspired by Cun Lo, aka Belgeist)

I finished the painting of the third and last work from this acrylic series last weekend – now, after I got my Bachelor degree and have holidays now before starting with the Master, I can finally focus more on art again, yay!
I’m looking so forward to frame those three paintings (and a few others, haha) and find a nice place on my walls for them.


  1. I can’t choose if my favourite of this series is The Seer or this one x)
    I guess this one is slightly more favourite, because the theme here speak more to me than the other one.

    The questions beyond is: is it really possible to see the darkness of someone? I’m not sure. Maybe one can catch a glimpse of it, but in the end you can’t really know if it’s another mask or the truth.
    Even seeing its own darkness is difficult.

    1. Author


      Good question. I guess it depends on how much one person is willing to show the other and the other is willing to see. But of course, to show others the own darkness one must be familiar with it (and know all of it or as much as possible). You can’t show something you don’t see/know/comprehend.

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