Crows of Apocalypse

Sketches with pencils/graphite (left) and markers/gouache/pencils (right). I have more ideas and concepts in mind for further crows, but don’t know yet if I’ll realize them somewhen in the future.

The last few weeks I was rather silent here and on social media for several reasons; mainly because I was working on a secret project (which still can’t be revealed yet). The last days I was finally able to do some personal sketches (those crows) which I had in mind for quite a while now and also paint a larger painting (which will be uploaded tomorrow).
There’s so much going on currently that I barely find the time to keep up with social media stuff.


  1. I suppose the right one shows how the seas are dying from pollution and overfishing, while the left one is about the extinction of the bees (although only the little bee tip me on the subject here, I’m not sure of what means the other things).

    That’s truly apocalypse, as there will be nearly no life in the ocean, and, without bees, few life on the ground as well. Your lovely bacteria are probably the best suited for this apocalypse actually x)

    1. Author

      Correct and correct, yay! ;D

      For the bee-drawing: The hands are trying to hold back the apocalpyse crow, so it doesn’t harm the last bee – I like bees, it’d be a shame if they went extinct.
      Everything is fading into dust, because with the death of the bees … well, you know how the story goes x)
      You may also notice the kind of suit-sleeve; it’s a hint to the not very clever business people that care more about making money than saving the ecosystem
      You may also notice the numbers: 3 fingers, 2 fingers, 1 bee in a row. It’s a countdown: 3,2,1…
      The crow is focused on something else, something far distant, instead of looking at the problem right in front of it. Ignorance~

      The sea-work has also hits about the problems of oil and radioactivity involved (you know, with fukushima, the defect filters and radioactive stuff that got into the sea water; also the accidents with oils in general, that are regularly in the media, with tankships that poured oil into the sea accidentally, for example)

      Indeed. Though I have further ideas in mind for more apocalypse crows, that also contribute to the end of the world.
      Long live the bacteria! They’ll be there when we’re all long, long gone^^

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