Sanity [WIP]

(Acrylics and Oils on canvas)

After all, my opinion about sanity changed. I wonder if it ever had been more than just a convention or an agreed mode of thinking, which excluded from our view the full strangeness of the universe.

Continuing my Decryption Paradox Series I decided to try combining the new oil paints with my acrylic fluid methods. I really like how well acrylics and oils blend together in complete harmony. What a bliss!

Two further (and way larger) works are planned after this one using the same technique.


  1. I found the oils alone a bit too soft compared to your other works, but the combination oils+acrylics seems really really awesome, I can’t wait to see this one finished^^

    Concerning the sanity, I think it has always been a question of social convention, we’re all the mad/idiot/barbarian of someone else, who lives in a different world (a different world being not necessarily far away, as it is more a mental representation than a geographical one).
    Interestingly enough, some people I have shown your artworks to, have stated that you were mad… x)

    1. Author

      I really like the softness of oils on its own too, but this way of combining oils and acrylics really feels epic!

      I agree with you. It doesn’t even need to be a different world. A different worldview/education/… is already enough.

      Pahahahaha xD I’m not even surprised^^

      1. For me, a different worldview/education/culture/etc. is a different world, as I’ve stated a different world doesn’t imply geographical separation in my opinion.
        Very Christian people, for example, with all it implies, live next door to me, but for me they live in a different world; and for them I’m mad (because from another world for them), but on my own I try to not take this shortcut (although it’s hard sometimes x))

        1. Author

          Then we fully agree^^

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