Leap of Faith

(Mixed media on 30x40cm paper)

Born in daylight, grown up in moonlight.
A leap of faith. Dawn.
Sparks bursting into flames, a phoenix by her nature.
A free will. A diverse mind.
Airy merriment ahead.”

Drawing this work was partly a travel back to the roots, as it has been a while since I’ve used so many different medias in one work: Watercolors, colored pencils, copics, gouache, tempera, pencils and gel pen.
Nevertheless this artwork is dedicated to the future that will grow out of the present (not the past), a kind of reminder for myself to never forget a specific something, which is captured in this artwork.


  1. I notice the green on the crest and tail is gone, if I remind well those are the original colours no?

    I have the feeling she’s going to catch the sun with her feather to throw it x)

    The little black dragon piques my curiosity. I don’t recognise it, so I suppose it’s not another character (unless it’s a new one). Could be the specific something not to be forgotten, but I don’t think, as I imagine this thing is a more general concept, whose that dragons would be only a part.
    SO…could it represent something like sadness/bad mood, etc. which is enlightened by the phoenix (=by art)?

    “a free will” and a free wild =p XD

    1. Author

      Indeed! Her older design was with green parts. Though in the current version her eyes and magic are still green-golden. Fun fact: her very first version was entirely without green^^

      She might do that xD

      The dark Wyvern was not part of things I uploaded so far (there are things/artwork/sketches/… I only keep for myself ;D) – but its story goes a long way back (Kee’Asuriah also took its shape once in an older digital artwork; but the Wyvern itself has only appeared offline so far), so it’s not surprising you don’t recognize it^^. The Wyvern is part of the meaning of the “specific something”, but not really the way you think^^
      Also, notice how its wings are spread, like it’ll fly away any second.

        1. Author

          Obviously it is^^
          indeed xP

          1. Could be something you left behind you?

            Uh…ok, didn’t noticed. Why? (I can see reasons for Facebook, but for Skype it’s more nebulous somewhat

          2. Author

            No. But I won’t explain it or tell more about it^^

            In the end I was only writing with three people there, but with two I switched the place of our conversation to somewhere else lately. Then Skype didn’t really seem useful anymore. Also, I am trying to reduce the platforms/… I use for obvious reasons x)

        2. Author

          (nbtw.: in case you didn’t notice -> I’ve deleted Skype and have deactivated my FB acc~ in case of conversations: dA or mails are the options left x) Insta theoretically too, but I hate to write with my phone xD)

    1. Author

      I have the feeling you misinterpreted something here?
      not sure what you mean?

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