Blazing Shades [1]

(The Transmutation Crow; Acrylics, Ink and Oils on 24x30cm coated wooden board)

“Standing there like an ancient god,
counting all your deeds,
still not a saint or savior for you.
Seeing blaze between the lines,
I will burn it all down
until there are plane grounds.
Justice will be served.
Balance will be found.
Harmony itself.”

The Transmutation Crow, als known as Transformation Crow, is a creature that is related to the Apocalypse Crows I drew a while ago – in one of these works you see the white hands/arms of the Transmutation Crow (which appear white outside/after the fire) that try to hold back the Apocalypse Crow from their purely destructive path.
Though the Transmutation Crow appears as a rather dark figure (especially in the sketch in the previous post) like the Apocalypse Crows, it is actually associated with something contrarily positive.

The aims of the Transmutation Crow are: harmony, equality, justice or (inner & outer) balance – depending on each human being it belongs to and also depending on the situation, it can take a different role. The Transmutation Crow is neither evil nor good on it’s own accord, but can turn into both.

The Transmutation Crow wants to help one understand the cycle of the 3: Wyvern, Phoenix and Dragon (three forces that live within us – in fight or in peace, never settling, always interacting with each other) to achieve the state of the Wingshifter.
(More about that in the following posts)

More information about the series in general can be found here.

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