Blazing Shades [2]

(The Cycle; Acrylics, Ink and Oils on 22x22cm coated wooden board)

Neither just black nor white,
a million shades of colors instead.
Not simply war or peace,
rather creation and destruction
with a fragile peace inbetween.

Peace is not the opposite of war. Peace is rather the balance between war/destruction and creation. This general cycle is represented by Dragon (creation), Phoenix (balance/peace) and Wyvern (destruction/war), but each aspect surely has its own specific meaning depending on the person it belongs to. For example the conflict between head and heart. Logic and imagination. Whatever.
For me these three representatives play an important and reoccurring role in my works.

The Transmutation Crow introduced the cycle of the 3 (in a previous blog post), which aims for the state of the Wingshifter through understanding the three aspects of the cycle.

A common appearance of the Wyvern, that I saw in other people, is aggression, fear, hate or destruction – which can target other beings or oneself. Also retreat and solitude is rather common. Generally it is based on a wrong belief or a loss of faith in oneself or others – through a trauma for example or a general bad experience.
On the other side is the Dragon, representing (self-) awareness, (self-) confidence, (self-) determination, (inner) strength and sanctity.
(Note: I see dragons as holy figures, not as the evil devils the western tradition sees them.)

It is important to keep in mind that the Wyvern is actually not a purely negative figure (it represents experiences and mistakes from which we could learn a lot) and the Dragon not only positive (too much power without borders is chaotic and can turn into something destructive or negative). It is the balance of both that has a positive effect.

Between Dragon and Wyvern stands the Phoenix. The Phoenix is balancing Dragon and Wyvern, looking for a positive kind of destruction (to relieve the Wyvern) to create something new (with the power of the Dragon).
Another aspect of the Phoenix is transformation, of course, evolution, always getting back up on your feet, daring to step forward and continue your path.

The Cycle of the 3 is a general concept that can be seen in many processes of the human mind and character: be it the processing of emotion, experiences, etc.
The whole concept of the 3 is united in the Wingshifter (which appeared in Decryption Paradox, for example). The Wingshifter is a survivor, who can overcome any situation by fully using the potential of the three aspects of the cycle in a positive way – and not letting him consume by anything; being unbound and free, with open eyes and mind.
It is the Wingshifter who helps the Dragongirl to survive/overcome and develope.
(See next blog post)

More information about the series in general can be found here.


  1. At first I thought the three creatures on the paintings were the dragon, the wyvern and the phoenix. That would make full sense, but I’m not so sure now however. An alternate possibility has come in my mind, with the bird creature as a transmutation crow, two wyvern and no dragon, but it makes both less and more sense at the same time.
    The light bubble the bird is going to swallow is a bit hard to interpret for me, but it reminds me those orange eyes-like stone in that were lower demons in Daimonion, so maybe it has to do something with demons suppression.

    And so comes Farphyni as a Phoenix, to release through art the pressure of the Wyvern, isn’t it?

    What is annoying me currently is that I’m sure I’ve already seen in one of your drawing this hand with the heart, like if it was here a zoom on it, but can’t find it.

    1. Author

      The three creatures on the painting are wyvern, dragon and phoenix.
      The light bubble in the beak of the bird is a kind of allegory to one of the illustrated short-stories I wrote a few years ago 😀 (I’m actually quite often connecting/cross-referencing my artworks)

      You are making a mistake here by mixing my Alter Egos into a general concept that has a different purpose. Blazing Shades is not associated with me directly, but generally, with others.
      (Also, Farphyni is only a half-phoenix. Her other half is a dragon.)

      Hand? Heart? Not sure where you’re seeing a hand and a heart in this work.

  2. So first feeling was right, should’ve listened my heart x)
    You had posted it? I don’t remind it (yeah I’ve noticed, that’s why I’m often searching ref in other works, but not always with happy results x)).

    I suppose I can’t be right all the time (like if I was right often ahah XD).
    Well that works rather well, as I see some points that could readily apply to me (hello wyvern x))

    The red that comes from the right would be the lower arm with the wrist, then there would be the thumb the wing of the dragon) with a yellow claw; in the bottom left corner there’d be another finger with yellow claw and on the right other fingers, around a red potatoes-shaped thing that would be the heart, with the phoenix and dragon flying out of it.

    1. Author

      Yes, “Hunter of the Sun”. It’s a work from 2015^^

      1. Ah yeah I remind now that I’ve read it again. That was long ago, when I just began to follow you^^

        Btw, do you see the hand and heart I was speaking about now? That’s weird, although I now know it wasn’t intended, I’ve to focus hard to not see it x)

        1. Author


          I see other things 😀 – that’s what I think is especially fascinating about these more surreal works: everybody sees something different in the chaos and, personally, I think it can reveal a lot about the viewer.

  3. It’s a bit like a Rorschach test x)
    I wonder now what do you see…and hope that what I see myself doesn’t reveal too weird things about me x)

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