Exploring Paradise

(drawn in half an hour with ballpoint pen into my A5 sketchbook)

I spent the last 10 days in paradise (a.k.a. a wonderful island in the south of the maldives) where I meet amazing creatures (fell in love with hermit crabs – that also explains the fantasy creature design above) and nice people.

A few impressions of the last days:


  1. You fell in love with Bernard then? ;p
    Wasn’t it to hot down there? Here there was an unbearable 35°C and even more at work.
    My poor ice dragon was literally melting, I’ll have to bring him back to the castle to repair him.

    1. Author

      Absolutely! Bernard is my true love xP
      No, with the ocean in front of the villa, a minibar filled with delicious drinks and a nice breeze it was fine!

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