Blazing Shades [6]

(The Empress & the Hydra; Acrylics, Inks and Oils on 24x30cm coated wooden board.)

The Highest Sky above,
the Inferno itself within.
The growling Hydra in front
and the Crown on my head.

The palace of the mind is ruled by the Empress, the grown-up/awakened Dragongirl.

The Empress is able to tame/deal with the Hydra, which is the queen of Mind-Monsters, that represent (overwhelming) emotions and thoughts.
Humans often can’t deal with their strong emotions and they have a different way of handling these. Some people tend to suppress them, but a suppressed Hydra leads to an escalation of the situation: suppressed emotions add up and will (one day) erupt like a volcano. Therefore it is necessary to deals with the Hydra before she goes on the rampage and consumes the Empress/Mind-Palace.
Other people try ignoring the overwhelming emotions, but in the darkness grows nothing healthy.

The dragongirl is overwhelmed with the Hydra, but the Wingshifter helps her survive until she finds the Empress and learns to control the storm.
More about how the Dragongirl becomes the Empress and about the Mind-Monsters and the Hydra can be found here (The Origin of Nos).


  1. I like how the dual is the face. At first I saw it as how the Hydra is consuming progressively the mind, but after some efforts of thought I have preferred to see in it reverse, with the Empress gaining over and reconstituting the wilted parts of her mind, while the Hydra has to recesses in the corners (I read the text only after watching closely the artworks).

    I see a flower in her hat/hair, that I perceive as a link with the next painting of the series (that’s why I always take time to comment series, I like to see what the followings are^^) and the symbol she has awakened/blossomed.

    1. Author

      100/100 for your second guess 😀 The Empress is step by step gaining control.

      Indeed, the flowers connect this work to the Blooming Snake. I’m glad you noticed it!

      Fun Fact: In the right lower corner I thought about painting mushrooms to make a connection to “Unspoken”, but thought I might go too far there and so I let my obession with eyes go wild, haha.

      1. I’m glad to have found everything right, it’s not that often x)

        I’ve noticed that you really love eyes indeed x)
        I even nearly sent you one some times ago, but I hesitated too long and the moment passed.

        1. Author


          A real eye?! (would probably have been weird xDD)
          I once had a bracelet with eyes (made of low quality metal + leather), that was so epic, but not good quality unfortunately and the day came where it was broken and not repairable. Since that day I’m looking for a new one, but so far couldn’t find one x)

          1. Not this one* x)
            It was a necklace with a dragon’s eye, echoing nicely the bracelet you have made some years ago.

            *To be honest, I have also considered to send you shrimp’s eyes, but I was sure enough you would kill me then, so I preferred to drop that idea XD

          2. Author

            of my gosh, if you would have sent me shrimps eyes I guess I would have unleashed my whole dragon army upon you XDDD

  2. You know that when you say that kind of things, it gives me the irrepressible urge to do it, right? =p XD
    Looks how cute they are x):

    But if ever I stumble again on a dragon’s eye necklace or bracelet, it’s something that would be ok and that you would like? (so next time I will not hesitate x))

    1. Author

      They’re aliens ._. I mean, they aren’t so different from Bernard (whom I love a lot xD), but still not creatures I really like. Also, they don’t taste good xD

      Sure! – preferably bracelets as one of my faves is broken q.q but, as I once already said, you don’t have to gift me anything^^

  3. Could make a nice title for a B movie: “The invasion of the mutant alien shrimps” XD
    But what about crayfishes, lobsters and so on?

    So far I’ve seen mostly rather big bracelets, but if I find one I’ll think to you^^
    I saw recently a quote of a great man (whom I’ve forgotten the name x)), who was saying that one can’t give happiness to other without being spattered by some himself. I think that’s quite true for me, so, as I once also said, I don’t want to make you gift because I have to, but because I enjoy to make you happy^^

    1. Author

      “The adventures of the mutant alien schrimp I: Invading earth”
      “The adventures of the mutant alien schrimp II: Throwing eyes at people”
      Lobsters/… are better than shrimps.

      That’s a nice quote 🙂

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