Blazing Shades [7]

(The Blooming Snake; Acrylics, Inks and Oils on 15x15cm Canvas)

“Sometimes things, minds, people
need to change.
As there is no way for them
to stay the same

It is fascinating how many different people we meet through our lives, how many different minds and characters. Sometimes I find myself trying to divide them into three vague groups: The awakened, the unawakened and the ones in between. (Of course, you really need to know someone to find out to which group they belong.)
The awakening is something quite spiritual, but not in the meaning of esoterism or occultism. It is something (in my opinion) very human, that could teach every individual on how to live in peace with each other and nature. A deeper understanding for themselves, each other and life in general.

For sure, not everyone ‘is meant’ (or rather: wants) to take the path of The Blooming Snake, but I see more and more people walking on it. Once people dealt with their inner Hydra and became the Empress of their Mind-Palace, they can take some huge and important steps on their path of The Blooming Snake.

The (blooming) rose represents the awakened, while the snake represents ‘the ones in between’ and the process of awakening.

Snakes are very symbolic creatures and one of the oldest (and a very powerful) symbols of humanity. (Transformation, fertility, femininity, sexuality, Kundalini, the border between the living and the dead, …)
The snake sheds its skin several times and, one day, she will turn into the blooming flower.

We live in some very exciting times, with a lot of change going on. Development happens faster and faster, with more events happening in shorter periods of time (compared to the past). Science is developing incredibly fast, extending the borders and making things happen, we once thought impossible. But not only science, also people and minds are changing/developing a lot.
It feels like there is something on the move and the mental development of humanity will for sure have a lot of influence on the future of our world.

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