Otherworld Sketches [24]

(sketched with ink and markers on A5 paper)

They were content, happy indeed, in being just together and not speaking a word.

The sketch shows a whitefiredrakling. They are very small and wingless, but quite fast. Unlike redflamedraklings the whiteflames are very rare. Usually whiteflames are the queens of swarm of redflames. Each swarm has connected consciousnesses – what one drakling sees is also visible to the other draklings of the swarm. The larger the swarm the more intelligent their shared consciousness is.
There are also a few blackflamedraklings, who are lone wolves (as they don’t like the bustle of swarms) and only team up in times of severe danger. The blackflames are usually stronger and have advanced abilities, as they had to learn to survive on their own.

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