The Self [WIP 2]

(painted with oils and acrylics)

Beyond silence and storm. Awoken in or from a dream. Carry me, carry me, to a place I haven’t seen before. Lift the mask and let me see, who I am to be. Let me see, let me see. Images of the Self everywhere. Symbolism in the abyss of the mind, subconscious, still?

I’m working on this 70×100 cm canvas for about a year now. It’s my first work of a size this huge and it still feels incredible. And soon it will be finished!
The most fascinating is that a such a huge work has a partly quite overwhelming, partly amazing aura to it. It’s different from anything I’ve experienced before. It fills the view entirely and leaves absolutely no room for the “outside world”. Only the viewer and the work remain.

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