(Painted with acrylics on 40 x 60 cm canvas)

Rebirth, ascend.
Not the same origin,
Changing with time and perception.

This painting actually was a birthday gift for myself in may.
It features Farphyni in her Creation Form for symbolic purposes. As a half-Phoenix, Farphyni is able to be “reborn” in some way. Instead of defeat and death, she undergoes a transformation and rises again from fire. But every time the process is different, as the origin of each rebirth changes, just like the perception and intention. Therefore, every part of her life has a different origin, a different purpose.
Feyrins with a secondary Fire Affinity, like Farphyni, sometimes set themselves on fire if they feel like they require a change – of mind, path, whatever. It’s a sort of cleansing ritual and is also used to deal with the Daimonion (as you can see, the clouds flee from the fire of Farphyni and her sun) and to destroy former (mental) cages.

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