Otherworld Sketches [37]

(A5 ballpoint pen drawing)

The mind always wanders, on known and unknown paths, observing, thinking, trying to unravel the mysteries behind all living and dead eyes.”

Meet Sky’threya, a hybrid of a leviathan and my cobra-wyverns. She is a lone wolf, who loves to observe from the distance with her sharp eyes and to (over)think. She avoids direct fights and prefers to access the minds of her prey and manipulate them. She has a poisenous bite, which usually is not deadly (unless a lot of poison is injected) and only paralyzes for a while – duration depends on the size/weight of the prey.
She can fly very high and for a long time. On the ground she prefers high places with a good view or places where she can hide easily in shadows. On the ground she is not as agile, as her wings are in the way. Therefore she prefers to take fights to the sky when she cannot avoid direct combat.
Also, she is pretty awkward in social situations – observing didn’t really help her there.
She is fascinated by flames and would love to learn how to breathe fire.

Might color her digitally one day. I see some dark blue, greenish blue and a bit of orange there. Maybe with a little bit of black and yellow.

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