(Digital artwork)

In the end, without a vision for the future you will always return to your past.”

A vision roams the mind, eradicating all fears and obstacles, and opening doors, which were invisible before.
And you become what you believe, as a vision is more than just a picture of what could be, it is the only thing that limits you.

An artwork dedicated to the new chapter in my life <3

One of the things I love most are clouds, especially cloudscapes at dawn. Maybe that’s why I onced dreamed about a journey with Gawain to a distant horizon, watching beautiful clouds. In the dream I was actually a human and riding on his back, but during the painting process I decided to draw it differently. If you look closely you’ll see a red dragon, which represents my self in this dream. As always, Gawain watches my back during my dreams (this time quite literal though), while my dream-self is focused on the meteor and the horizon.
As winged creatures we don’t care about the mountains in our way and we do not fear the rising storm, because we were/are (re)born from it.

Here are some detail views:

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