1. Thoses eyes are nearly the most beautiful I’ve seen <3

    I’m not sure what’s burning in the background, it’s a bit small for an old wolf x)
    At first I was like "wait is that a church?" x) but looking a bit more closely (aka with the nose stuck to the screen) I wonder if it’s not one of those old mind-castle?

    ps: that tongue is cute, makes me want to play it =p

    1. Author

      😀 They were hella fun to draw x3 That’s why I just had to upload a detail view, as I felt like the smaller version of the image just didn’t do the high-res eyes justice.
      And, fun fact, usually I draw/shade/color the eyes last. This time they were the first thing to color/draw, as I basically ‘build the image around them’ (if that makes sense).

      It is indeed a sort of old mind-castle, symbolizing the old/false beliefs. (Though I’m happy you thought at first it was a church, as it fits the belief-symbolism of the painting. And, in fact, it was church at first, but then I added more towers and turned it into a little castle)

      XD I wouldn’t recommend you to do that. Pretty sure Gawain would not appreciate it.

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