Collision-induced decay [WIP 1]

(“Collision-induced decay”, work in progress; ballpoint pen and pencils on paper)

Forget the horror here
Forget the horror here
Leave it all down here
With the fury in your head
With the ghost in the back of your head
‘Cause I am
Walking out of the haze
On all those twisted ways
Between dark rocks and fading shores
Leaving coasts I cannot bare.”

Finally some ballpoint pen art again. Clearly one of my favorite drawing techniques.
Mainly ballpoint pen – not erasable, every line counts; intense darkness combined with some soft shades of pencils. And then letting it glow with white pencil highlights. Very pleasing to my eye and relaxing to create. Letting it come to life on its own, going with the flow, the emotion in which this drawing roots, releasing it.

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