Amon - The Whisperer

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->>Size: A4
->>Materials: charcoal, pencils, ink, ballpoint pen, goldleaf-imitation

Actually, this started as a little experimental work, as I bought two new art tools a few days ago: goldleaf and charcoal, which I wanted to try out, of course. And as I let my hands run wild on the paper, an old fellow formed on it, demanding to be drawn again, requesting my attention. Filling my mind with his silent whispering.

Finally, after about two years, he, the Whisperer (one of my Inner Demons), revealed his name: Amon.

AMON – The Whisperer

Under this crushing weight, I’m sinking
It never goes away, the thinking
Echoes in empty rooms decaying
Alone to face my demons.

How can I sleep at night, with your Whispers in my head?
“I am a demon, and you are dead”
As far as I can run, you’ll follow me
Turning around, you’re the only one to see

Why am I torturing myself?, I yell.
Inhaling all your Whispers
Like a breath of fire sent from hell.
Fixated on these memories
Like a prisoner inside a cell.

Cannot hide from you, not even in a thousand years.
Your eyes never lose sight of me, never decay.
I’m asking you, why you let me face my darkest fears,
all you say is “’Cause I’m a demon, and a demon I’ll stay”

‘Cause I’m a demon born from things you cannot see.