(The Pathfinder; Acrylics, Inks and Oils on 18×24 cm coated wooden board)

“Whisper, whisper,
tell me the way.
A howl in the distance,
will lead me away.”

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(The Seismograph; Acrylics, Inks and Oils on 22×22 cm coated wooden board)

I know I’ve been here before,
in this storm.
Out of the box,
not fitting in a lane.

Let me breathe.

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(The Cycle; Acrylics, Ink and Oils on 22x22cm coated wooden board)

Neither just black nor white,
a million shades of colors instead.
Not simply war or peace,
rather creation and destruction
with a fragile peace inbetween.

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(ballpoint pen and pencil; A4 toned paper)

Never stop singing,
even when the music’s long gone.
I’ll be my own morning light
so I’ll be safe and sound.

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(The Transmutation Crow; Acrylics, Ink and Oils on 24x30cm coated wooden board)

“Standing there like an ancient god,
counting all your deeds,
still not a saint or savior for you.
Seeing blaze between the lines,
I will burn it all down
until there are plane grounds.
Justice will be served.
Balance will be found.
Harmony itself.”

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A little selection of some of my rough/quick sketches of humans, just for fun and for practise.

The sketch in the middle is already several weeks old and unfinished (but I like it that way), while the other two were sketched today.

(Mixed media on 30x40cm paper)

Born in daylight, grown up in moonlight.
A leap of faith. Dawn.
Sparks bursting into flames, a phoenix by her nature.
A free will. A diverse mind.
Airy merriment ahead.”

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(Oils on 22×34 cm paper)

For I am I:
ergo, the truth of myself;
my own sphinx, conflict, chaos,
vortex – asymmetric to all rhythms,
oblique to all paths.
I am the prism between black and white:
mine own unison in duality

– Austin Osman Spare

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Sierra and Salvador got some baby dragons!
3D prints of the Barbossa model with reduced size (2/3 of original print size); Firnen (green) and Ravok (black/red)

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(Acrylics and Oils on 24x30cm canvas)

My Decryption Paradox series continues:

After all, my opinion about sanity changed. I wonder if it ever had been more than just a convention or an agreed mode of thinking, which excluded from our view the full strangeness of the universe.

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