Oh wow, finally! It was sooo much work translating all the stories and artwork-descriptions! But, yes, finally, I’m done.
Well, there are probably still typos and mistakes here and there – if you find some, please tell me! I’d highly appreciate it!

Well, it’s nearly midnight now, but I just had to finish at least the english website today!
I spent definitly the most time on writing the artwork-desprictions, especially in the “Narrative”-subpage/gallery. Check that out to find some stories there~

About the german website: it’s half done.
All the pages and nearly all texts are already there. What I still need to do (beside writing the missing texts) is uploading the pictures and writing their description – but that will be done tomorrow~~

Yes, I’ve expected that it’d be a lot of work to create a website, but honestly it is even more work than expected – especially with those two languages.

Anyway, it’s great seeing the website getting prettier and prettier with each hour work spent on it. Partly a frustrating process when something just doesn’t want to turn out like you had it in mind, but it’s still fun though~