Can't deny
Can’t deny

I just added a new, finished work to the Art Gallery (to the “Alter Ego” section). Click here┬áfor a direct link.

phoenix wip 3

oh well, I wonder if I ever have enjoyed painting with acrylics so much~ – actually the background was planned to be black. But I accidentally pressed to much green colour out of the tube (the birds eye is green)…aaaand I didn’t want to waste the colour …soooo, I just thought I could mess up the background, yay!

I’ll let it dry over night and draw some stars tomorrow + some last details. Then my work is done here~


(again, a smartphone-camera-photo with bad quality, sorry~~)

As I usually only paint backgrounds with acrylics, I had no fine brushes~ So, yesterday afternoon I bought two fine acrylic brushes, then I continued working on the painting and drew details onto the wing-feathers.
Now I only need the tai- and head-feathers as well as some background word, then I’m already done!

(again: it’s a smartphone-camera photo, so sorry for the quality ­čśŤ )

Actually I wanted to paint the sculpture the yesterday and today, but when then I found this canvas which I’ve bought some months ago as I actually planned to draw the cover of one of my books, but then I decided to wait until the book is completely finished. But now the canvas found another purpose.
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Yay, finally I have time for my second sculpture project! As mentioned in my last post, I wanted to create another sculpture since quite a while~

So here he is: one of the main-charakters of the trilogy I’m working on. (what means: he’s part of my huge “CHRONIST” project)
I started working on this sculpture yesterday – still, a lot needs to be done before I can color him <3
I hope I find some time to post more WIP-shots here~

Those are some sketches I drew in June. Usually my sketches aren’t that “neat”, but those are Anatomy & Movement -Sketches, what explains why they aren’t a mess like my scenery/idea sketches~~

Two days ago I decided to be less active on dA, as it takes so much time and energy I am not willing to give anymore – instead I want to put more energy in my art. And with “my art” I’m not only refering to drawing. Since a while I wanted to start a second sculpture project, but I never had the time with all the dA-business and honestly I always felt such pressure on me, as I had the feeling that dA expects me to draw lots and lots of stuff.

That’s when I sketched this creature, which I simply call the “radioactive Hydra” – I guess she has been one of my Inner Demons for quite a while now.

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Here’s a little overview of what you can expect to be posted here:

->if I add something new to my art or craft gallery, I’m going to write a short information about that here.
->Sketches and maybe even WIPs
->Updates/Announcements about the Chronst-Project
(->in the german Blog will be announced when I visit events/cons/etc. )

Oh wow, finally! It was sooo much work translating all the stories and artwork-descriptions! But, yes, finally, I’m done.
Well, there are probably still typos and mistakes here and there – if you find some, please tell me! I’d highly appreciate it!

Well, it’s nearly midnight now, but I just had to finish at least the english website today!
I spent definitly the most time on writing the artwork-desprictions, especially in the “Narrative”-subpage/gallery. Check that out to find some stories there~

About the german website: it’s half done.
All the pages and nearly all texts are already there. What I still need to do (beside writing the missing texts) is uploading the pictures and writing their description – but that will be done tomorrow~~