Now and then Farphyni also makes fan-arts of movies oder books, or does art-trades or gifts for others. Once in a while she also accepts commissions. She does a lot of sketches and concept arts.

In the process of Worldbuilding a lot of creatures and characteres were created and sketched. Have a look at the following Blog Entries to read more about some of them:
Boros, Amos, Mordecai, Zyisomtyrnth, Thrazec, Selva, Maahirah, Atreju, Terrorwing, Djallthari, Bahir, Hybrid, Abyssworm, Azrail, …
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Sometimes Farphyni also enjoys it to design creatures and make concepts as well as refrence sheets.

Here are some of her favorites:

She also illustrates books (as commission works) and also drew illustrations for her own written stories. Here are three examples:

Here is a collection of works for others, like commissions, fan-arts, etc.:

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