Ra’khandra are a closed species created by Farphyni.

Ra’khandra are dragon-like guardian spirits. Once they have found a place or a person with whom they feel at home, they remain loyal for life. Over the eons, various subspecies have developed, such as the Nebulae-Ra’khandra, who carry the night sky on their scales, or elemental Ra’khandras, who have allied themselves with the forces of nature. Depending on the subspecies, Ra’khandra represent different attributes and characteristics as well as corresponding tasks. For example, there are Storm-Ra’khandra who want to help you choose the right path in difficult times. Or Moon-Ra’khandra, who want to give you wonderful dreams or protect you from bad influences. Or Forest-Ra’khandra, who want to bring you closer to the forces of nature. And so many more!
Ra’khandra hatch in three different sizes: with a heigth of about 7 cm (small), 13 cm (medium) or 17 cm (large).

Keeping a Ra’khandra is relatively easy (getting a Ra’khandra is probably the more difficult part – they are very picky), but there are a few things to bear in mind: Once they’ve been welcomed into their new home, they don’t want to leave it – they don’t like to be outdoors and prefer a dry place indoors. They also don’t want to nest in full sunlight or in very warm places, as temperatures above 50°C make them ill and soften their scales (yes, even elemental Ra’khandra with an affinity for fire, as paradoxical as it may sound). They also don’t want to be touched by children, as they could injure themselves on the sharp spines – and Ra’khandra are also proud creatures that don’t want to be treated like toys.

A species reference sheet will follow soon!

Ra’khandra hatched so far (who are looking for a new home):
If you are interested in purchasing one of them, please send an e-mail to [email protected]
Every Ra’khandra comes with its unique story, that only the owner will be able to read.

Some unawakened (i.e. colorless) Ra’khandra have also been adopted, which will develop their subspecies (and colors) through their new owner.

Ra’khandra hatched so far (who already found a new home):

My personal Ra’khandra: Mystique, a medium-sized Nebulae-Ra’khandra.