First print of the fullbody model.

When I was younger I always wished that the dragons I drew would awaken, jump off the paper and become alive. I’d love to have a pet dragon when I was a child. Now I have one and soon even more! πŸ˜‰

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After several 3D-Printing-Tests it was time for the next step: Today I tried out a different 3D-Program and created a fullbody model for the first time.

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Actually I didn’t plan to use oilpaints in the near future, but the ways of fate are twisted and unpredictable. So here are two Work-In-Progress shots of my recent little oil paintings: “Cloudsailor” and “Liberation”, which accompany two shortstories from my headworld.

(Graphite and white pencil into my A4 sketchbook)

My head in the clouds,
my heart in the sky.
My soul flies with birds,
beyond human sight.

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(pencil, graphite and powdered graphite on 18x24cm coated wooden board)

Who you are is not who you’ve been – not the end of days
The silence, cold as a winter storm – don’t let it get your soul
The darkness that you know – it is not your home

Floating through the air – the mind is breathing in
Played it innocent – a feel of discontent
Finally facing it – fearless

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(acrylics on 25x30cm canvas)

If I could take something with me to eternity, then it’d be the gaze of you. Even if memories are fading, I never want to loose sight of you, even if the night seems way too dark. Chasing light until a brandnew moon will rise.Continue Reading

(acrylics on 25×30 canvas)

Adapt and overcome. Change wings, change flight. No matter how strong the wind or a growling storm, shift the wings and chase the moon evermore.Continue Reading