• About the Artist

Farphyni (also known as Northern Sphinx) is a self-taught symbolist and fantasy artist, born on the 30th of May 1996, in Austria.
To keep her absolute artistic freedom, she decided to keep art as her hobby and is currently studying biotechnology.

Though being an artist that mainly draws and paints, Farphyni also designs and sews costumes and bags, weaves fabrics, creates leathercrafts and sculptures. Farphyni is always eager to try out new things!
Regarding drawn art, Farphyni usually uses a various range of materials, such as acrylics, pencils, ink, watercolour, ballpoint pen, copics and many more.

Farphyni attempts to represent reality in its gritty particularity. She believes that art should represent absolute truths that could only be described indirectly, thus believes that art did not have to relate to everyday experience. Her works are personal and express her own ideologies and worldview, particularly the belief in the artist’s power to reveal truth.
What unites her different styles is the emphasis on emotions, feelings, ideas, the mind and subconsciousness. Her works are defined by an interest in the occult, morbid, dreamworlds, imagination, demons, spirits and death.

  • About the Art

It is probably obvious that art is an important part of Farphynis life and most of her freetime is dedicated to art in all its colours, forms and shapes. All in all, her art has three different main motives, which can be seen as Farphynis three greatest art series:

The Refuge of the Mind

These works are about self-awareness and the intriguing properties of the human mind, conscious and subconscious.
Abstract concepts, aspects of personalities and characteristics are impersonated in fictional creatures.
The huge “Alter Ego” and “Inner Demon” art series are part of The Refuge of the Mind, containing artworks focused on Farphyni herself.


The Disparates are Farphynis partly dark works, focusing on emotions, feelings, the morbid and spirits. They reflect her thoughts as well as her worldview, truth, philosophy and also her critism on our society.
She draws these artworks to quiet her mind, order her thoughts and ban experiences on paper.

Cunabula (Narrative Art and written Stories)

The Narrative Works are about imagination as well as headworlds and their (hidden) symbolism.
Farphyni has created many own worlds and populated them with self-created races and creatures. All of the creatures have their own story and character – they form tribes, cities and nations, each of them having their own culture and folklore. During the time of world-“development” many stories were written which connect creatures, tribes, nations and worlds. Altogether, they form a whole dimension: Ocul’thare.

Since 2015 Farphyni focused on writing the stories she has in mind instead of capturing them in artworks only. Currently she is working on a book series containing the stories from her worlds and their creatures as well as fairytales, folklore and legends from those worlds. After finishing the written stories they will be illustrated.
All in all, this enormous project is called „CHRONIST“. (that’s german for “chronicler”)