• 3D Art and Prints

With the beginning of 2018, Farphyni bought a 3D printer and started to work with 3D programs.
Her first approaches of 3D Art and Printings can be seen in the following Blog Entries:
> First steps with busts: Materializing Monsters [1]; Materializing Monsters [2]
> First fullbody models & prints series:  Materializing Monsters [3]; Materializing Monsters [4]; Materializing Monsters [5]; Materializing Monsters [6]; Materializing Monsters [7]

3D-printed dragon family
  • Costumes

Since 2012 Farphyni was especially studious in the craft and sewing section.
Farphyni enjoys to design costumes und also realize some of them.
In 2015 she created a medieval-inspired fantasy costume, called “Dragonsister”.

Creating the costume was a great experience and Farphyni had much fun designing and sewing it. Because of that she created several variations – some of them can be seen on the photos below.

Beside that she also sewed a Shinigami-Costume and a celtic-inspired druid gown.

  • Dragon/Fantasy-Bags

Farphyni had the idea to try weaving one of her drawings with a mechanical Jacquard loom. It took some time to change the drawing into a weaveable weaving-pattern, but it was quite a success.
Two bag-series were created. Both were exhibited at HTL Itzling. The second bag-series was far more complex than the first one, as it contained two different fabrics as well as five different bags. The bags were re-sewed and sold in form of commissions.

  • Sculptures

Now and then she also makes sculptures. Two of her most detailed ones are “Chronist” and the “Templeguard”.

  • Leather-Crafts

During costume-projects Farphyni also worked with leather and soon realized that she loves this material. So she started creating leather-crafts.