The Disparates are focused on emotions, feelings, the morbid and spirits. They reflect thoughts as well as worldviews, (non-existing) truths, philosophies and also time-critism and decadence. These works also are created in favor of making the invisible visible. The Disparates suggest ideas through symbols to emphasize the meaning behind lines, colors and shapes, giving each a very own meaning. They are partly surreal, partly abstract in means to express psychological truth and the idea that a spiritual reality lays behind the physical world. The ineffable, such as dreams and impalpable sensations, is given a form – however a symbolic one due to the certainty that everything is subjective.
Farphyni draws these artworks to quiet her mind, order her thoughts and ban experiences on paper.

Art from 2013 – 2016

  • Lost in the Mists of Time
    Lost in the Mists of Time
  • Twilight-Princess
  • Beyond Horizons
    Beyond Horizons
  • ...and then the Everafter took you away
    …and then the Everafter took you away
  • Immersion
  • A leap into the Unknown
    A leap into the Unknown
  • Dark Horses
    Dark Horses
  • The endless Fight
    The endless Fight

The hundred-headed Hydra is a huge part of the Disparates and contains several art-series and projects about philosophical themes, questions we ask and the mysteries of life and the human mind.
The Hydra represents situations and thoughts, where an attempt of suppresion leads just to an escalation and a far worse situation. Therefore the meanings of each of the Hydra-heads needs to be analysed, accepted and finally released in form of art.

  • “Familiar Stranger” (2016)

“Have we meet before? Was it in another life or somewhere in-between? As it feels like we’ve been doing this dance before – many times. Far before I ever heard the music playing, the song of time.
Familar Stranger, I know who you are… yet I don’t.”

Everything you see has its roots in the Unseen World. The Forms may change, yet the Essence stays the same.
Sketches on A5, using a ballpoint pen, a pencil and watercolour.

  • “Allegoric Reality” (2016)

Maybe the greatest madness in life is to truly see what it actually is. Unvarnished, without illusions.

The second round of the “My Truth”-Series (from 2014-2015). An interpretation of reality, an own personal subjective truth.

The Allegoric Reality contains also a little sub-series of three works, named the Reign of Terror.
They show the three greatest flaws of mankind.

  • “Mind Monsters” (2016)

This actually started as a weird experiment in which Farphyni has found a new way to express the monsters lurking in her mind.
Each work is split into three Phases:
Phase 1 “Ink-Storm” (left side; about 5 minutes): Actually just a quick, abstract ink-painting inspired by the dynamics of the thoughts.
Phase 2 “lurking beneath the surface” (middle; about 20 minutes): Next, Farphyni looked at the abtract painting some days after creating it and she started to see creatures in it. So she took a ballpoint pen and started to kinda “accentuate” some of them.
Phase 3 “exploding” (right side; about 10 minutes): Then she scanned it and added colours with Photoshop.
Phase 2 und 3 are equal. Phase 3 is not the “end result”. Also; they don’t have individual titels, they speak for themselves.

Here are some of the works from this series:

  • Sea of Ink”  (2015)

An inkwell – falling. A small black pond spreaing, growing to a sea. And out of the sea rises life.

This series only* contains quick, sketchy works, which are completely or partly drawn using ink. Also significant for this series is, that every works comes with a specific, short statement, a thought about life.
(* “Abire’Kreevan” is an exception, it’s what Farphyni calls an “escalation” – once a simple sketch, but then somehow couldn’t stop working on it~)

Here are some of the works from this series:

  • Abire’Kreevan
  • Fellowship
  • Imagination
  • Magic of Words
    Magic of Words
  • Who we are
    Who we are
  • Sunrise Princess
    Sunrise Princess
  • Beyond
  • The Songs” (2015)

Farphyni wrote poems (songs) to some of her artworks – or some of her poems got illustrations. (This series only contains A5-works.)
Here are some of the works from this series:

  •  “My Truth” (2014-2015)

Personally, Farphyni believes there is no such thing as “absolute” truth – only many, subjective truths. During our lives we see, we hear, we experience. Based on that we form opinions, our own personal, subjective truth.
These thoughts were the base for this series. Within the artworks Farphyni thought about specific themes and banned her truth on paper.

Important note: it’s likely that Farphynis truths has changed since she drew those works, as we all change with the time.

Here are some of the works from this series:

  • Humanity
  • About Humans and Nature
    About Humans and Nature
  • The Mind
    The Mind
  • The Price of Individuality
    The Price of Individuality
  • Modern Society
    Modern Society
  • My shadow is a part of me
    My shadow is a part of me