(Digital artwork)

In the end, without a vision for the future you will always return to your past.”

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(A5 ballpoint pen drawing)

The mind always wanders, on known and unknown paths, observing, thinking, trying to unravel the mysteries behind all living and dead eyes.”

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(Digital Artwork)

Quo vadis? To the stars or to the flame? To the river or the tree?
Vanishing borders, disappearing orders.
A beating heart.”

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What I love about traditional art is that there is an ‘original painting’, which you can hang onto your wall. It feels ‘more real’. Therefore I just had to print my latest large digital painting “Lucid“.

This is an alu-dibond print. I’m in love with how sharp the details and how beautiful the colors turned out! I also enjoy how the different light plays with the print through the day.

If you are interested in purchasing prints or various printed products (like mugs, masks, books, etc.) then feel free to visit my online shop. Your support means a lot to me!