A freshly hatched whelpling, covered in spacedust and stars. Named Morpheus, he’s destined to watch over your dreams.
Depending on the light the nebulae on his body looks purple or blue.

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This year I’ll attend several conventions to sell print, originals, 3D-dragons, self-made or printed bags, etc. … and spontaneously also felt like creating some sticker designs. They are available in my Red Bubble Shop (of course without the watermark) and will also be possible to purchase at conventions.

Cover Feature Illustration commission I did earlier this year for the publication of Studt-Reinhold et al. in ChemBioChem.

(painted with acrylics on 60×80 cm canvas)

A sea of stars, eyes of spirits,
fuel for dawn’s blade.
The monsters we slayed,
in ruins of what used to be,
turning skull to stone, blood to roses.

“My sword for you”, Kee’Asuriah growled,
mind castle’s patron saint
with a trinity of crows by her side.
“Reclaim the throne,
for this is just the beginning of your road.”

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The monsters we slayed,
skull to stone, blood to rose.
“My sword for you”, Asura growled,
survivor’s patron saint with crimson crown.

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No means no.
Savior, a favor to ask.
My sword for you.
Reclaim the throne.


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For a science-to-public event I was illustrating some posters and did graphics for the website earlier this year. Lots of little Pauls hiding everywhere 🙂 and the comic you see below (german, sorry) where the process of sample preparation, chromatography and mass spectrometry is explained in a veeeery simplified way on the example of analysis of theobromine in chocolate.

(ballpoint pen and pencils on A5 toned paper)

My part of a little sketch trade with a fellow artist, Thornskyart.

(“Collision-induced decay”, work in progress; ballpoint pen and pencils on paper)

Forget the horror here
Forget the horror here
Leave it all down here
With the fury in your head
With the ghost in the back of your head
‘Cause I am
Walking out of the haze
On all those twisted ways
Between dark rocks and fading shores
Leaving coasts I cannot bare.”

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(“Resilience”; Acrylics, colored pencils and markers on 50 x 65 cm paper)

Wicked winds and shadows in the deep,
Exploding moon and fading lights.
Outlive the hurricane, create a sun to guide.
Ignite a spark in my heart and let me breathe again.

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Ravok got new colors! And they change from blue to purple depending on the light. He is my first nebula colored 3D print of the Barbossa model.

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(“Resilience”, work in progress; Acrylics, colored pencils and markers on 50 x 65 cm paper)

Outlive the hurricane, create an empire to reign.
Among all the small things, I’ll be a perfect storm.
And someday I’ll understand, the question to my answers.

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