(“Resilience”; Acrylics, colored pencils and markers on 50 x 65 cm paper)

Wicked winds and shadows in the deep,
Exploding moon and fading lights.
Outlive the hurricane, create a sun to guide.
Ignite a spark in my heart and let me breathe again.

When a moon explodes, what is there left to do to protect the inner worlds, the blooming heart? When Asura’s silent growl warns of shadows emerging from the raging sea. When the day is yet so far. When night wants to reclaim what once was its own.
Ignite a spark, feed the flame and build a lighthouse for it as a shelter – at least that’s how you create a guiding light according to Gawyn’derethéa.  

I have to admit, I’m really proud of this work – probably my best/favorite piece so far. And also a quite personal one, featuring Gwyn, one of my very symbolic creatures. It’s been a while since the last time I drew her and she has changed quite a lot in that time, but her colors will always be that of nebulae and stardust. And I will always find her somewhere between ocean and sky, dancing like a perfect storm, now with Asura as Daimonium by her side.

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Here are a few detail views:

Creating this work was quite a journey. First I made a bunch of thumbnail sketches to explore the topic and various ideas, then decided for a pose and made a detailed sketch (left), then did a few color concepts until I finally decided where I wanna go (right):

As you can see, a few details changed throughout the process, until I was fully satisfied with this work. It was such a fun journey.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful work!
    Best wishes

    1. Author

      Thank you very much, Carol!
      Kind regards

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